Asset Management Solutions

Self Tracking of ANY Asset is now a Reality

Smart Business Asset Management, Automated Asset Registers, Self Tracking of ANY Assets Simple, Fast and Efficient Anywhere…view our track record

RF Asset Tag Solutions Provide:

  • Up to 7 Year Battery Life
  • Indefinite Revenue Protection for:
    • Bank Loan Repayment Periods
  • Completely stand alone device…
  • Don’t touch any electronics Vehicle /PC
  • Self Recovery Capability for:
    • Payment Default, Rented Equipment…
    • Stolen or Misplaced Equipment, extra peace of mind …
  • Customer & Equipment Tracking Capability for Skip Traces
  • Huge Intimidation Value reduce Customer Chancing opportunities
  • Reduces Insurance Costs as Assets are now managed due to tagging Solutions
  • Protects equipment Misuse or Abuse from staff doing Private Jobs opportunities
  • Online Web Portal enables Self Monitoring of equipment / Professional Recovery available

Web Based Monitoring via RF Base Stations to field deployed RFID Tags…

Allows Monitoring of “ANYTHING” Tracking of it & Recovery if required…

Cable Tags – Fence Tags – Electric Fence Tags – Animal Tags – Tamper Tags – Cell Tags – Door Tags – Bike Tag – Car Tag – Crash Prevention Tags – Spider Tags – Pylon Tags – Asset Tags – Panic Tags – Fuel Tags – Laptop Tags – Helmet Tags – Motion Tags – Vibration Tags – Battery Tags – Fire Tags – Conveyor Tags – TV Tags – Recovery Tags – and so much more….

Asset Management & Protection Applications …

  • It features a full 3-axis accelerometer
  • Over the air (OAT) configuration
  • All the long range RFID Tags have a recovery range of up to +30km
  • The CABLECop CO models are highly sensitive to vibration triggers
  • The Models get triggered by vibrations (shock impulses) configurable for durations exceeding 2/4/8/16 seconds.
  • The CABLECop C@ models are sensitive to roll/pitch angle triggers. The model gets triggered by the movement in angles exceeding 20/45/90/120 degrees.
  • Battery Life expectancy from 5 Years.

Fence Protection with Real Time Tampering Notification… 65 km RF … and installations

Arms & Ammunition Tracking, Recovery – Automated Asset Registers…

Self or Professional Recovery of Weapons for:

  • Police
  • Army
  • Traffic
  • Security Companies…

Instant Information availability:

  • Incident
  •  Event Playback
  • Training purposes

Real Time Online Recording of:

  • Cocking
  • Shots Fired
  • Reloading – all detected through
  • Vibration Recording

Enabling Smart Business Management for Financed Assets – Our Proposed Solution Track Record to Date…Through Tried and Tested Technology De-Risking Businesses and Owners for over 12 Years…

  • To Date: 3 800+ Base Stations in SA alone, rolling out daily…
  • 88 000 + existing Asset RF Tags+ , increasing daily for Monitoring & Recovery of Your Assets…
  • 18 000 + Vehicles have been fitted with the technology to date…
  • Currently 12 Tenders won actively in hand for Asset Management… Msunduzi(PMB)
  • Stellenbosch, Jozini, Ekurhuleni, SASSA, SARS, Film & Publication Board, Liquor
  • Board, Vodacom Lesotho, Dollar Thrifty, JD Group, EDCON…
  • National Infrastructure Protection Customers to date include, Swazi
  • Post & Telecomm., PRASA, ESKOM, CoCT, Emfuleni, Rustenburg…
  • 32 Mines in total for all disciplines of Human & Asset protection and SASOL…
  • Farm Security and Animal Protection, various solutions including, Rhino Protection, Security
  • Building & Asset Management – RMB…